WORK / September, 2018

Real-time Soccer. This was our promise to users and also one of the main challenges we faced on the development of the Soccer campaign: showcase the real-time Search features in campaign assets. To overcome the fact that banners wouldn’t be capable to update results during games, or OOH placements that could show games scores that are outdated, we decided to connect these campaign assets (banners and OOH) to Google's internal Sports data infrastructure.

I created a tailor-made application to connect the creatives to our internal real-time data infrastructure -- the same data feed the Game Bubble and our Search One Boxes use -- delivering real-time game results through the media channels. It took a village to make this happen: 24 days of intense work, 3 documents, including 1 executive deck and 2 technical documents, 9 internal tickets, 26 people involved in the approval process, including 3 directors and 2 VPs.

Digital media

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